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CV Connexion
Be visible to all employers in every chosen city everywhere in the world, 24/7, for as long as you need.
Post your profile online easily only once. That’s all it takes!!!!!
Receive rewards, directly in your account with our revenue sharing policy according to terms and conditions
Total profile confidentiality.
Wait for employers to contact you directly.
No job search to make on your own.
  Free profile renewal.
Online posting of serious applications of interest to employers.
Profile Registration and Posting.
  Confidential Contact Information.
Options to provide detail information regarding the type of job you are looking for.
A 750-character text introduce yourself to employers.
No need to include curriculum vitae (cv) or other documents.
Requires a secure PayPal account so that you can access convenient payment options and, above all, receive cash rewards directly in the account of your choice.
Serious applications of interest to employers are posted online for $4.99 canadian funds including taxes. Monthly membership renewal free.
  Secured and confidential online posting of your application within 24 hours following profile validation.

Once registered and approved, your application is posted online in the regions you have selected.
Employers have access to applications sorted by job titles and location as often as required according to their needs.
No job offer is posted on our site. It is your application that is visible and offered in all countries you have selected.
Wait for employers to contact you.
When an employer wishes to contact you, you will receive a confidential e-mail to check whether you are still available. If you accept to be contacted, the employer will be informed, pay his selection fees and have access to your e-mail and phone number if needed. At this moment only will a 0.99$ canadian fee reward be deposited to your account as compensation for the time invested answering that employer. Every time you authorize an employer to contact you and said employer exercises his selection rights, the reward rule applies.
Should you be neither available nor interested, the employer will be informed and will not be authorized to contact you. In such cases your information will remain confidential and the reward rule will not apply.
You’ll receive a free renewal monthly e-mail asking you to confirm work availability. If it’s the case your application stays online, with your acceptation, without additional charges for another month, and so on.
You can modify your profile at any time for free. We must however then revalidate your profile before posting it online.
You can cancel your registration at any time by accessing your account.

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