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CV Connexion
Provide job applicants with increased visibility everywhere in the world for the jobs they requested in the cities they want.
Share with applicants part of the revenues generated by the site.
Reduce the tedious tasks of creating multiple online profiles posting numerous curriculum vitae for little results.
Create a simple, easy, efficient and confidential international online << applicants/employers>> network .
Provide employers with active and available applications through an efficient search feature according to job and requested location parameters all over the world.
Be visible to all employers in the cities of your choice, all over the world.
Register for free and access serious applicants anytime for as long as it takes.
Post your profile online easily only once. That’s all it takes!!!!!
Access online applications online wherever you are.

Receive rewards, directly in your account with our revenue sharing policy.
Select and contact applicants by job type and the city for which you wish to hire.

Total profile confidentiality .
Total confidentiality for your company.
Wait for employers to contact you directly.
No longer publish job offers.

No job search to make on your own.
Reach out to available candidates.

Free renewal of your profile for as long as you need.
Applications regularly updated (Availability validation process).
Only subscribe for applicants in whom you are interested.
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